Class Descriptions

Beginner Friendly

Twisted Beginnings Yoga

A great class for anyone new to the twisted ways of yoga or possibly just returning from an extended hiatus. Focus will be on poses and alignment at a slower pace, and the understanding of it all.


Untwisted Yoga

Also known as Restorative Yoga.Rejuvenate your mind and body and untwist from reality with this extremely mellow class!

Props are used to further support your body to hold longer poses and eliminate strain.


Untwisted Thoughts 

This is a 45 minute meditation to unwind that monkey mind.


Gently Twisted Yoga

A slow paced class to allow extra explanation and assistance for poses. This class is perfect for those who may find some yoga poses uncomfortable for the knees, wrists, back, etc. Incorporates poses both done on the floor and standing.


Sit and Twist Yoga

Also known as Chair Yoga. A gentle class for those of us that need a little support in our twisted lives.The use of a chair and modified poses make great for reducing joint and muscle strain!


Beginner to Intermediate

All Sorts of Twisted Yoga

Open to all levels of twisted minds! Each class gives you the opportunity to go deeper into poses while offering modifications for those who want to remain light in their practice.


Twisted Flow Yoga

Twisted with Vinyasa techniques, students will link conscious breath with a challenging and mindful flow/  Awaken your strength, energy and flexibility all in a fun atmosphere.


Hot and Twisted Yoga

Our twist on Hot Yoga! We crank up the heat (literally) to encourage the body to sweat out toxins and relax safely into deeper postures. Hot and Twisted yoga is known to push your body to work harder, and improve concentration.


Twisted to the Core

Also known as Yogalates! This class twists the stretching, breathing, and body awareness of Yoga with techniques of Pilates to improve posture and encourage a strong foundation.



If you love Yoga but are looking for more of a work out! Pilates focuses on building a strong core with low-impact flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance building exercises. Improves body alignment and posture.


Extra and Special Classes

Funky Flow Yoga

Anyone can enjoy this class, gently practicing standing and floor poses, but with a light-hearted vibrational twist. Replenish yourself as the unexpected charge of groovy popular music heals and relaxes you.


Wine Down Yoga

Unwind with us every first Friday in our wine + yoga class. We will sip, twist, balance and flow through an all levels class with your favorite wine in hand. You bring the wine, we host the class. Come ready for a fun,new way to yoga!


Full Moon Yoga 

A student favorite! Once a month, join us at our sister location, North River Body Therapies, for a relaxing and rejuvenating class under the bright light of the full moon. Everyone's invited to bring your all of troubles and burn them away at our bonfire. A class like no other!


Baby + Me Yoga

Just like it says, moms, dads, super nannies, cool aunts or any caretaker is welcome in this class. Stretch those tired limbs and rejuvenate your spirit while connecting with your little sidekick. Please come to class with an open heart, some toys and a blanket for your little one. *Babies ages 3 months- pre walkers.


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